Certificates of inspection

Who needs a certificate of inspection?

According to Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance [Annex 4], every consignment of organic product imported from a third country (as defined in EU Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007) has to be accompanied by a certificate of inspection. This certificate of inspection will be issued upon the request of the exporter by his inspection body. The original will be sent to the importer.

How to get a certificate of inspection?

Please find the basic procedures to get a certificate of inspection below. To speed up the issuance of the certificates of inspection we strongly recommend that exporters do use our online certification system WorldCert. To have a glance at the demo version, visite www.e-worldcert.org and log in with "demo" and use "demo" also for password. You will then reach the WorldCert homepage with the active links to "Draft Certificates" and "History".

  1. The basic document for issuing a product certificate is the invoice. The invoice has to be sent electronically or faxed together with the application form to Ecocert IMOswiss AG. The bill of lading or airwaybill have to be joined to the invoice and the application form.
  2. On all official transfer documents (invoice, transport papers, packing lists) the organic quality, year of harvest, producing farm and the lot-numbers have to be indicated.
  3. The application form (see 1.) has always to be completely filled in and supported by the respective documents. As soon as all information is at hand, checked and found correct by Ecocert IMOswiss AG, the certificate of inspection can be issued.
  4. If a certificate of inspection is needed for material purchased from non Ecocert IMOswiss AG-certified operators, the purchase invoice and the corresponding product certificate issued by its inspection body and furnished by your supplier needs to be enclosed.
  5. In case your purchase is originating from another Ecocert IMOswiss AG-certified operator, the corresponding purchase invoice has to be enclosed to the request of issuance of certificate of inspection.
  6. As soon as the documentation is complete and all questions resolved, the original Ecocert IMOswiss AG certificate will be issued and sent directly to the importer. The exporter will always be supplied with a copy and is kindly requested to file it until the next inspection. The status of the certificates requested can be looked up in WorldCert and the copies of the certificates issued can be downloaded as pdf-files.
  7. The certificates of inspection will be sent to the buyer by unregistered airmail. Courier cost or the cost for fax copies (including the administration fees) have to be paid by the exporter.

>> Of course all information give in the request will be handled strictly confidential.



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