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The Fair for Life Programme offers operators who want to demonstrate their fair trade practices a solution for objective inspection and certification by a highly qualified external verifier.

Fair for Life is generally open to all products, countries and production types (as long as eligibility criteria are met) and is therefore an alternative programme for all operators who are excluded by other fair trade certification schemes due to lack of product standards or geographical location.

Beyond traditional fair trade

Fair for Life goes beyond traditional fair trade by applying fair trade principles also to relevant domestic or regional trade and by requiring ethical working conditions along the entire trade chain. Producers, manufactures, handlers and brand holders take their part in the global responsibility created by global markets.

In addition to social responsibility and fair trade criteria, such as fair payment, use of a FairTrade Development Premium and a long term mutually beneficial trade relation, all Fair for Life certified operations need to respect strict environmental criteria.

Acceptance in high quality markets worldwide

Fair for Life Social & FairTrade certification and labelling has gained quick acceptance in high quality markets worldwide, as it offers many complimentary benefits to existing fair trade systems. Operations certified according to Fair for Life get access to the worldwide growing fair trade market.

Your advantages

  • Demonstration of social and fair business practices through independent third party certification with outstanding reputation
  • Free use of the Fair for Life seal
  • Non product-specified standard. Most food and non-food commodities from raw materials to finished products may be certified
  • Certification throughout the chain of custody covering producers, manufacturers and traders
  • Performance rating offers incentive for companies to further improve their performance beyond minimum requirements every year
  • Transparency by publication of performance rating
  • Flexibility by adapting an individual plan for social improvement
  • Combined audits tailored to your needs (organic, NaTrue, GOTS, MSC, etc.)
  • Equivalence with other certification systems that compare to the Fair for Life criteria

More information

For detailed information please visit the Fair for Life website!



Department Social & FairTrade
Fon: +41 (0) 71 626 0 626
Email: info@fairforlife.org

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