Ecological Cleaning Products

In recent years the developments in the food, cosmetics and textile sectors have shown that the question of more naturalness and fewer chemical additives is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the manufacturing conditions and environmental friendliness of products and are also aware of the finite nature of fossil raw materials. In order to meet the consumer's demand for appropriate products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, the ECOCERT Standard for Detergents was developed.

The standard for cleaning products was introduced in 2006 and was created in cooperation with all participants along the value chain: suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. The aim is to define a high level of requirements for detergents and cleaning products by promoting the use of natural ingredients. The standard also guarantees that manufacturers use environmentally friendly processes throughout the whole production line. Today, ECOCERT certifies more than 2600 products from 220 companies in over 26 countries. Since 1 November 2012, ECOCERT offers a new version of this standard with two levels of certification: natural detergents and natural detergents with organic ingredients

The basic principles of the Standard
  • Protection of our planet and its resources
  • Information for the consumer
  • Reduction of unnecessary waste and pollution

Therefore, Ecocert monitors the absence of GMOs, nanoparticles and synthetic fragrances and colourings, as well as animal ingredients (with the exception of milk, honey, etc.) in all products. The products must be free from animal testing. Phosphates and phosphorous compounds as ingredients are prohibited. The surfactants contained in the detergent must be of plant origin. The end products must not pose any risk to the environment. Furthermore, only recyclable or biodegradable packaging may be used.


Two certification levels

Certification for natural detergents
  • Evaluation of all ingredients from natural origin
  • No more than 5% synthetic ingredients which are found in the restrictive list of Annex I.A.1
  • No minimum of organic ingredients
  • No hazard warning for environmental hazards is allowed on the final product


Certification for natural detergents made with organic ingredients
  • At least 95% of the ingredients are from natural origin
  • At least 10% of the ingredients are from organic farming
  • No hazard warning for environmental hazards is allowed on the final product

Inform the consumers

Certified manufacturers of detergents and brand owners must achieve a higher degree of transparency compared to the requirements by the European regulation: The exact percentage of ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming must be clearly indicated according to a category list and precautions must be taken with regard to the environment.

Annual inspection of manufacturers or brand owners
Thanks to our auditors' evaluation of conditioning and production facilities, ECOCERT Greenlife can guarantee compliance with all standard criteria.
Production processes are as important as the product content. The standard requires an effective quality system which enables to trace the product along the entire production line from the origin of the ingredients to the final product.
Audited companies whose products are certified must develop an environmental management system to reduce water and energy consumption and to improve the waste and drainage management.

Further Information


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